Box Sash Window Refurbishments

I specialise in refurbishing box sash windows, restoring them to their original state, free of rot and in fine working order

Using a unique system of draught proofing, an old, draughty, rattling window can be discreetly transformed to perform as new, gliding up and down with ease

Every part of the window that affects the travel of the sashes is restored or replaced, including the pulleys, cords, parting beads and staff beads as standard and without the use of brush-pile carriers

In some cases extensive work is required to remove and replace rotten timbers

I pride myself on replacing and splicing timbers with near seamless joints, each piece individually cut and shaped

Please contact me if you would like more information about the refurbishment procedure or to arrange a survey of your windows in the Wiltshire area


Bespoke Creations